Call for a vegetarian and vegan parents and children section in the Veggie Pride.

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The organizers of the Veggie Pride invite vegetarian and vegan moms, dads and children to take part in the demonstration.

The presence of persons who refute to kill animals for their food and who express that choice as parents and children is a testimony that enriches the message of the Veggie Pride. Their presence will show the strength and the resolve of this refusal to participate in the massacre of animals, and expose the discrimination vegetarianism is subjected to in our society.

Why a “section” for families at the Veggie Pride?

Because such a testimony, by those who have chosen to bring up their children as veg*s, is a concrete demonstration of the possibility of living and thriving as well (or better!) without eating animal products.

Because being a vegetarian or a vegan parent means enduring a twofold discrimination, as any mom or dad who manifests solidarity with animals well knows: as persons responsible for themselves, and as persons responsible for their own children, for their health and for their education.

Because to come out in the open as vegetarian and vegan mothers and fathers is a way to counter the vegephobic slur that we are unworthy parents who deprive our children of the joys and virtues of a carnivorous diet. The forms of opposition to vegetarianism show how fearful society is of an education marked by respect for animals as sentient beings.

Because when we withold meat and derivatives from our children we are not acting as dictators imposing on them a particular diet, certainly no more than those parents who oblige their children to eat meat.

Because being parents gives us privileged understanding and closeness to the plight of those millions of animals whose children are taken away, locked up, killed and tortured in animal farming.

Because bringing up our children as vegetarians or vegans means refuting to sacrifice innocent beings to rear our own dear ones.

Because being a vegetarian or vegan child means growing up with knowledge that one is not harming animals, means receiving from one's own parents a message of compassion and sensitivity towards the weakest, means being allowed to develop a love for animals devoid of the hypocrisy of cuddling a puppy while at the same time eating a calf.

Because a child too can be an animal standing in solidarity with other animals.

Moms and dads and children all together!



There are no instructions generally limiting the expression of the the Veggie Pride demonstrators: within the bounds of a legal and peaceful demonstration, each demonstrator is free to express her- or himself following his or her own sensitivity (in ways that may be festive, or ironic, or more “direct”, for example displaying pictures of the massacre of animals). However, we ask of the participants in the section for parents and children to avoid displaying excessively graphic pictures and other forms of expression, in order to respect the sensitivity of the children who will be present.